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Fashionshow 2009 (Evoluon Eindhoven)

Jeffrey Daniels presented his Haute Couture 2010, Spring en summer designs of 2010 during the Femalefair event. all designs could be ordered at that point of time in all sizes.

About Dajé Couture

'A dress with a hundred zippers'
Jeffrey Daniels presents his first big fashion show in 'Muziekcentrum'. By Gerard Janssen.

EINDHOVEN – A dress with a hundred zippers, that was about the highlight of a fashion show saturdaynight in Eindhovens' musictheatre. Couturier Jeffrey Daniels had his first big show during the new years gala of the ECU, the foundation 'Eindhoven en Cultuur'.
The there present 'old boys network' of Eindhovens'  businessworld saw 32 models of Daniels coming down the stairs with much interest.
So far, it was the hightlight of a turbulent life for the fashion designer from Valkenswaard. "Fashion always interested me. I think people are beautiful, whatever they look like. It triggers me to dress them even more beautiful, and make something eccentric of it.
This show in 'Muziekcentrum' is his first real big one. "I'm atually a little nervous". There were -besides the zipperwonder- quiet modest designs. No extreme colourful African ravishment. "But I do that on purpose. I can make outstanding designs, but with this audience i know: i need to keep it quietly. You need to tune your collection to your expectations of the audience." The present ladies appreciate the creations highly, althought the purchase has to be considered. "When I see that, I think: I need to lose weight again."

Source: Eindhovens Dagblad (January 14th 2008)

During his study at the school for Fashion, Jeffrey Daniels won two important prices. He was chosen as the best student of ROC Eindhoven for two years in a row.

On his graduation project he won the national Fashion Award 2005.
The judges praised him for his expertise on this collection. He stood out in vision and use of material.